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Marathi essay writing

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Guerrilla Wafare Of Shivaji
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The aim was to illustrate as to how they adapted their guerrilla theories to their particular terrain and situation and developed new ideas as the struggle continued.

Perspective on Race Theme for English B
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The poem “Theme for English B” is based on an assignment the speaker receives from his college English class. He is told to write a page about …

Language Conflicts And Subordination In India
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Language is a vehicle of thought and a means of communication. When a population is linguistically homogeneous, language may contribute to the…

What is an essay | Essay Definition
Help Guide
Introduction: Essay Help – What is an essay – An essay is a piece of writing, usually from an author’s personal point of view.

Translation and its role in multilingual country
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The term translation technically connotes the art of recomposing a work in another language without losing its original flavour, or of finding an analogous…

Nation As A Myth Is India A Myth History Essay
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Nation as a Myth: The dictionary definition of Nation is: A group of people who share the same culture, ethnicity and language, often possessing or…

History of Tipu Sultan
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Tipu was a master strategist. Unfortunately for Indian history, his foresight and war acumen was recognised by none better than prime enemy…

Analysis of the Harlem Renaissance
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The purpose of the Harlem Renaissance was for African Americans to express their need for racial equality. Civil Rights activists such as…

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