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Analysis of the Harlem Renaissance
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The purpose of the Harlem Renaissance was for African Americans to express their need for racial equality. Civil Rights activists such as…

An Analysis Of Internet Businesses
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The reason for writing this essay is to discuss The Advantages and Disadvantages of conducting business on the Internet in the Twenty First Century.

True Altruism Does Not Exist
Professionally Written Essay
Introduction: Every action is a selfish one and thus true altruism does not exist. Discuss in relation to theory and research on pro-social behaviour

Gender and Pornography
Student Written Essay
Introduction: “Femininity is portrayed as the weaker gender”. Critically discuss in relation to pornography and popular culture.

Counselling and psychotherapy
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The objective of the final assessment was to video a short counselling session, and then to write a reflective essay critiquing the session in light of the…

Panic Attack Treatment Case Study
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Jadine, a 20-year-old Caucasian female, was referred because of a panic attack in her math class in which it took her approximately 30 minutes to…

The Development Of The Fairy Tale
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The development of the fairy tale is closely connected with the emergence of myths. As Bruno Bettelheim (1989) puts it, some fairy and folk stories…

Early Stage Dementia Nursing Care
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The aim of this case study is to explain and discuss the nursing care of a 69 year old lady who has recently been diagnosed with early stage dementia.

Cultural Identity and Belonging in Muslims
Student Written Dissertation
Introduction: This essay will examine the world of Bulgarian Muslims or Pomaks, their religious conversion from Christianity to Islam and the formation and…

Food In Colonial America History Essay
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Americans are eating more food than ever before F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens Americas Future 2012. Americans like their food. To reiterate, the average ..

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